is back!

Over 12 years since it met an untimely end Bebo has returned.
All new. All singing. All dancing.

The world of social networking has changed a lot over the past 12 years.
In some ways for the better, but in many ways, er, not so better.

How do I join?

Bebo is currently in closed Beta and by invitation only. You must be invited by an existing user.

Reserve your username

Prior to wider launch you can reserve your username.

Reserve Username

How has Bebo changed?

This is a totally new site developed by the original founders as a lockdown project. What better way to spend the lockdown?! All the original accounts are long gone (probably for the better, though sorry for the old photos!).

It has been 15 years since the original Bebo was conceived, and over 12 years since it was last a vibrant community. Although there are nods to the original Bebo we are not trying to recreate it as was. This is an experiment to re-imagine what a social network can be today - which is a far more fun thing to do 😍

The first generation of social networking sites had meaningful profiles. They were fun. A place you would visit, hang out, interact. They were largely replaced by newsfeeds. The new Bebo marries these two concepts together.

Profiles are central again. Feeds are used to draw attention to some ch-ch-changes, but the fun is exploring from profile to profile, friend to friend.