Please read the following to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Bebo is currently in closed Beta. You must be invited by an existing Beta user via a text message to join.

Slowly opening up Bebo in this way allows us to focus on ensuring the product is right. It's very much a work in progress and we're relying on feedback from the early users to refine it.

Great question! We're not entirely sure yet. The simple answer is when it's ready. Until we have a product that people LOVE we will keep working on it and garner feedback from existing users on how to improve it.

Yes. But not yet. We're iterating on the product on web first (it works well on a mobile phone, but in the browser). If we can build a popular product for web we know it will be exponentially more popular on mobile. If it's not popular on web, then, er, we'll be going down with the ship.

Unfortuntely all photos were deleted in 2015 after being made available for download for a 6 month period. They simply do not exist anymore anywhere. Sorry!

You don't need to. All data was deleted in 2015. Only accounts created from February 2021 onwards exist.

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